About Us

Trisatya, we are dedicated to the engineering, design, manufacture, and installation of powder handling systems. With creative engineering and cost effective solutions, we offer innovative, reliable and efficient systems for small & medium sized company.
Based on our extensive experience, proven technologies, high quality components and competent project management capabilities, we design and built complete and customised installations for various types of powder handling applications.
Our focus is to increase our customer’s competitive edge by providing innovative engineering and creative cost effective solutions.

Some of the industries where we have lots of project experience, includes
  • Construction Industries – particularly Cementitious drymix products, like dry mortar, plaster, skim coat, tiles adhesives, water proofing products etc
  • Fiberglass Industries – automatic batching system for glass raw material, pneumatic blending and Dense phase conveying system to convey batched material to furnace.
  • Animal feed Industries – material storage, automatic batching system for additive materials, pneumatic conveying systems
  • Chemical Industries – Fertiliser Urea bulk bag unloading, NPK batching & blending system, bag filling line.
  • Coal Power plant – Flyash dense phase pneumatic conveying system, Flyash dehumidifying system.
  • Water & waste treatment plant – Shaftless screw conveyors for sludge.

Our Expertise Includes

  • Control & automation systems
  • Packaging & Robotic palletizing
  • Material storage
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Mixing
  • Batching systems
  • Dust pollution control


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