Design & supply complete system for automatic batching of 12 raw materials and dense phase pneumatic conveying for mixed material to the day bin for feeding into furnace. This system is designed to operate 24/7 x 365days since the furnace cannot be stopped once it is fired up. With only a week of scheduled shut down maintenance in a year, it is very critical that our equipment and control system must be built to work continuously and with minimum breakdown in between.

Our supply includes:

  • Automatic batching system for 12 raw material, using two weighing hoppers
  • Special designed Air blender using compressed air to blend the batched material
  • Dense phase pneumatic conveying system to transfer blended material to furnace, 15ton/hr x 275m long
  • Big bag unloading system with manual hose switch to multiple silos, using dense phase pneumatic conveying system
  • Full set of automation control system for batching, pneumatic conveying, SCADA-HMI with redundancy backup options.


Having reliable and trouble free equipment and control system is the top priority for our customer. With the plant running 24/7 any breakdown of the equipment will be a significant loss for the production and money. Till today, the plant has been running for more than 10years!

1. Achieving a very high batching accuracy required for fiberglass production
2. Dense phase pneumatic conveying system is clean and efficient
3. Ensure no product segregation during pneumatic conveying to storage silo.
4. High system performance and reliability for 24/7 x 365days operation.